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Yes, you are welcome to hold a POWER TOOL DRAG RACING event in your area and join in the ever expanding POWER TOOL DRAG RACING LEAGUE. We only ask for you to consider, abide by, and agree to the following.

The concept for and name of the POWER TOOL DRAG RACES are the exclusive, trademarked properly of The Shipyard and Qbox, Jim Mason and Charlie Gadeken. We allow all those interested in holding similar events by license this valuable Intellectual Property for a fee. The license fee is one 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon. That's right, you have to pay to copy our event. But you don't have to pay very much.

You see, we're easy. But we're not responsible. Let's say that again. The above named take no responsibility for whatever you do or any injuries or other undesireable things that may happen should you attempt any POWER TOOL DRAG RACING on your own. Remember, these are power tools. They often have sharp saw blades and are NOT intended to travel down a race track at 40MPH. This is dangerous. Therefore we take no responsibility for any stupidity or error that may occur in the process.

To participate in the POWER TOOL DRAG RACING LEAGUE, you must use the same rules found here on the site, as well as name your event "POWER TOOL DRAG RACES". It is important that eveyone is using the same rule set so that when we have regional events, machines can still compete in the categories for which they were designed.

If you are interested in holding an event in your area, please write our Gal Friday, simone at qbox dot org. We were going to have you write to Charlie but Charlie, see, he's no good at that whole email thing. 

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