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THE RULES (version 4.1.2, updated 5/5/07 and subject to ongoing change)

Finish your machine before you arrive. Stay away from the liquor. Go faster than everyone else. Don't Crash. Win money.

Machines in all classes are based on hand-held power tools (see caveat for "unusual designs" class). A hand held power tool is a machine intended for handheld operation by one individual. A machine primarily used on a stationary mount, or rolled on wheels, or used by a group of people is not a hand tool for the purposes of this event. Hand tools
might be electric (AC or DC), gas, pneumatic, hydraulic, cold fusion, steam or otherwise. Examples of hand tools are machines like belt sanders, angle grinders, Skilsaws, drills, chainsaws, weed wackers, vibrators, etc. Examples of things that are NOT hand tools are things like lawnmowers, floor sanders, generators, bench grinders, etc.

Hand tools used in the drag races can run on a variety of power sources, provided by either on-board or external sources. For external power sources, we will provide 40 amps of 120AC per lane. For DC, pneumatic, gas and other sources, you are on your own.

AC electrical cords will be 100' long per lane, originating at the starting line. They will have standard Edison 3-prong connectors. You will be responsible for "coiling" the cord on the ground or laying it along side the track for your run. No spools or cord guides allowed, but duct tape will be provided so you can tape the connector together.
Tangles or poor cord feed is your responsibility.

Here are the details on the classes.

NON-RIDDEN (note significant changes to class definitions. These new rules are meant to better reflect what people actually build and want to build. We've eliminated "frame and drive mods" as the reckoning between classes as this proved a mess. Feedback requested)

*Super Stock* (Single engine. Limited mods. Non-ridden)
Super Stock machines are single engine power tools with no motor modifications or non-standard power sources (i.e. engine and power source needs to be box stock). Drive can be direct drive to track via the original blades, belts, etc, or via a custom gear/chain/tire configurations. Frames, wheels, guide rails, etc can be added as desired. Any motor or power type is allowed. But all "motors" must have originated in a hand power tool and be in their original form,
with original power source driving it. Be honest. If you are uncertain about the definition of a hand power tool, see above. No vehicles built from RC cars allowed, cause they are boring.

*Pro-Supercharged* (Multi-motor. Limited mods. Non-ridden)
Same as Super Stock class, except with more than one motor.

*Awful Awful Altereds* (Multi-motor. Open mods. Non-ridden)
Same as Pro-Supercharged, except that all motor mods and power source mods are legal. Whatever you can scheme to drive your power tool sourced motor is OK by us. If you are running an "esoteric" power source and need extra track time to set it up, please contact us so we can make arrangements and not bore the crowd while you do your thing.
208 single phase and 208 three phase will be provided at the line, but you will need to supply your own power cords. All motors in the AAA class need to be of clear and traditional "hand power tool" origin.

*Unusual Designs/Top Fuel*
This class is for those more liberal interpretations of "power tools" which have caused so much mumbling and grumbling in years past (particularly directed at jim and kimric). So if this year you feel compelled to make a rocket engine out of a propane soldering rig, then we have a class for you. For this class (and ONLY this class) we are allowing a more flexible definition of "hand held power tool". If your "tool" meets the vague criteria enumerated below, you are good to go.

1. A tool is a human built artifact that extends the capabilities of the human body and/or mind.

2. Power tools are those subset of tools intended to do some type of augmented physical or mechanical work, causing a useful and/or desired physical effect in the world.

3. Qualifying "tools" must have been in their original use hand-held. Tools originally intended for permanent mounting or wheeled operation are NOT hand-held power tools.

4. The potential energy which expresses itself as kinetic energy during the operation of the tool (i.e. during the race), can be carried with the tool, or by any desired manner of external sources and conduits.

5. The tool/vehicle ITSELF must travel down the track. This means that the entire mass of the tool must start BEHIND the line (no prestaging of any part of the vehicle ahead of the starting line), and the entire mass of the tool must travel down the track and through the finish line. Mass lost during run towards the expression of kinetic energy is fine.

6. "Vehicles" at risk of lift off and audience collision will be encouraged to use a zipline. We will provide one if there is
interest. Contact us ahead of time so we can coordinate.

7. Anything that is not specifically prohibited is permitted.

Designs in this class are usually very fast and very dangerous. The top speed record is 88mph or 167mph, depending on which interpretation of the rules you believe. ALL entries for this class MUST announce themselves ahead of race day , and be inspected ahead of race day to make sure they will stay in the track and out of the audience. We also reserve the right to say "no, unsafe" at any time for whatever reason(s) we find relevant.

RIDDEN (kind of. . .)

*Funny Car* (Custom fabricated. Single-motor or multi-motor. Custom drive(s). One or more riders)

The Funny Car class is for custom fabricated machines that carry one or more rider(s) down the track, using one or more motors that originated in a hand tool as described above. You are free to develop any type of frame, drive system, seating posture you like. You can start from an existing "vehicle" and add the hand tool motor or start from scratch. The drive from tool to ground can be direct via the tool bit, or via a custom gear/sprocket/axle/tire/etc system.


The drag strip is 75' of reasonably flat asphalt or wood track. There will be another 50 feet or so to slow down with added blankets and futons to help with the deceleration of the faster entries. Each lane for the ridden class will be 10' wide with a three foot high barrier wall on the outside of each lane to keep you and your machine out of the audience. The lanes will be separated by the below described track for the unridden classes.

Machines in the unridden classes will run on parallel wood tracks 1' wide with 2" X 4" rails on either side. We will make every effort to maintain the straightness and accuracy of this track, but expect some variation and bumps at the joints. This wood track will look something like this:

We will have a proper timing system with both elapsed and top speed measured and displayed. The starting line will be a flag "girl" (interpretation of "girl" to be at the discretion of the race organizers).


The entry fees are as follows until May 17th.

$40 for all classes. $25 of this is for racing and prize money. $15 is for TWO Maker Faire weekend passes (usual adv purchase price is $15 per person).
If you already have a maker's faire weekend pass, you can just pay the $25 entry fee and use your ticket at the gate.

Each vehicle is a separate entry.
Only the first requires the full $40 entry, there after each vehicle is $25.
(unless you want more discount tickets with your additional entries then you can pay another $40).

Extra tickets can be purchased through the registration system for $15 for a weekend pass.
These tickets will be held for you at will call at the event.

if you have any questions, please email charlie gadeken at charlie [at] qbox [dot] org.


Special Mystery Prizes, awarded by special mystery judges for:

Most impressive engineering
Most pathetic engineering
Most dangerous machine
Most spectacular crash


The pit area will have 120 volt power and some shop tools available, however we suggest you bring what you think you need. If you want a table to work on, you should probably bring it, but we will have some car hoods and other somewhat flat surfaces for you to work should you wish.

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